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There lived once the organism. But once it fell into clutches a predator and it ate. Before getting to a predator, the animal for certain tarried and did not notice danger. And still earlier – was closest to a predator. If other animal saw it, images of events are postponed at it in memory.

Images (pictures) is information.

And the sequence of images — is logic of events. Now, if the animal observes a predator, it on the basis of logic can construct the forecast and present consequences of emergence of a predator.

If the animal social, that is lives in group or with parents, it can rely not only on the supervision, but also on experience of people around. If all ran, probably, is that to be afraid. If mother of a young predator ran behind production, it is necessary to imitate it, and then there will be a food. So the animal is connected to experience of people around and uses this experience.

In time to use others experience, the animal has to observe that do people around. If you — the person are also able to talk, it is even easier for you. Even if you could not see something, it is obligatory for you about it will tell, will warn about danger. Thus the most informed people around become the most valuable. .

So there are authorities. .

The logic of people demands that all consequences had reasons. But sometimes there were such events to which people till certain time did not find explanations. Whether it be lightning, thunder or rain. People ask a question: «Why it occurs?» also go with it to authority.

Authority respect for that it knows answers to all questions. People once lived small communities, and to pull the wool over the eyes, looking directly in eyes, for authority — occupation unsafe. But if answers are not present, and to keep authority — it is necessary, answers should be taken somewhere. And one fine day authorities decided to add missing knowledge with own imaginations. After all if people around cannot check information in any way, so any harmonous version will approach. .

So there were religions.

Authorities even more often reflected on a peace arrangement and societies. But also did not forget about themselves, turning into concentration of the power. Religions turned into the whole doctrines. Now they not only explained inexplicable, but also regulated behavior in society. All want to know that was earlier that will be tomorrow and that will be after death. The imagination fully satisfied all information needs. Gods and the whole rituals describing were thought up how it is necessary to arrive. And if to carry out all instructions, as an award at the end of life it is possible to get to paradise

The beautiful descriptions of creation of the world offered us by religion — it is a reason for communication. And if beautiful descriptions draw attention, people paint beautiful texts, pictures and music.

So there was a culture.

Now there was a mass of opportunities to become authority! Became possible to be called as the artist, the writer or the poet. People started respecting each other for achievements in culture. Also the way of life of society changed. Life ceased to be reduced to banal getting of food.

As we already spoke to predict events, it is necessary to possess information. The person owning it considers himself clever. However it happens and so that information did not help. So there are doubts.

Information can be much, and it can be received from different sources. If once it appears that information does not solve a problem, it can force the person to recheck own explanations given and to look for. So doubts and aspirations to become authority led to emergence of science. The people capable to doubt succeeded in science and divided it in the directions. There was a set of different sciences, and in each direction – a set of authorities.

Us wild animals, and lightnings do not eat us any more do not frighten any more. Now to survive — it means to be demanded.

Division of labor in a civilization led to that there were authorities from education called the nobility to that to learn children. Children are filled with information as empty glasses fill with water. Now in the course of training in people do not even explain how it is possible to use the received information.

Laziness — it when there is no sufficient motive to do something. Having received the most necessary in initial classes, some pupils lose interest in study. And how not to lose it if it is unclear, why all this needs to be known? But many are forced, and children start understanding that from them it is required to remember simply everything and to believe that all this sometime is useful …

And here we educated. Really now it is possible to tell, what we understand, what occurs round us? You are sure of the demands?

Each adult can pay attention, what knowledge to it were necessary and what — is not enough. Most of people forget the exact sciences to years to 30, and from stories and plots which are studied by humanists, and is unclear that such society of people and as it works.

Educated people think that they already authorities, they know very much, but for some reason nobody hurries to ask them questions. One people somehow to use information of the general education, think out game shows like «That? Where? When?» also solve crossword puzzles. And others that information did not vanish in the head in vain, go to teach other people. Information circle becomes isolated.

You understand nothing. On you the quality mark in the form of the diploma. Round you authorities which know no more you. But they — authorities, and you — no. How so it turns out? To assume thoughts that you spent so much time in vain — it all the same what to admit own nonsense. Besides, after all cannot be mistaken at once all?

Of course, there are no consequences without the reasons. It is once free or involuntarily you believed authorities that they know better that to teach you. Here then you learned all lessons. Under a pretext that it is impossible to check all this a lot of information from authorities, you agreed not to check it. And as it is much easier, now you will not check almost anything.

You were connected to others experience. You agreed that you are not so clever that everything to understand. Time authority is, so it is not just like that. Now the main explanation of all will be – «It not just like that». If earlier religious imaginations could not be checked in general, now you were persuaded there is nothing not to check. You — flock of the casual authorities offering new imaginations which religions are not called now.