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All healthy people are logical and rational, and the only opportunity to dement them — it to palm off low-quality information. And if the person himself wants to collect such information, it will be a guarantee of that to him to look healthy it will not turn out.

Emotions were our first congenital language. In this language depending on a situation the nervous system brings an organism into this or that state which read people around. Such condition of an organism — is a hint that there is a reason for emotions, and there is no information on the reason.

If someone cried from a fright, it not the reason of a fright, it only a hint that there is a danger yet. We react to some hints at once and we run away. And at emergence of other hints — we try to understand the reasons. If the child cries, it is necessary to understand, than it is caused.

Thus our organism since the birth expects information from people around in the form of a hint. We are ready to that information it is necessary to conjecture and understand the reasons of emergence of emotions. The organism is sure that the reasons of emotions of people around are always nearby. And if we pay attention, we will see those circumstances which caused emotion.

Our nervous system reserves the resources for interpretation of emotions. And when resources were not useful, it is unusual to nervous system, i.e. it is unpleasant.

So, we have the logical organism capable to solve problems. Evolution trained it to work rationally and independently. And communication with other organisms exists only in the form of emotional hints. The organism since the birth expects such form of information with an intrigue from people around. And hints for an organism — it is truth by nature. And the circumstances which caused emotions can always be observed.

To evolution measures quite recently in emotional messages there were details.

Thus the animal at the moment of danger already not simply gave a signal, and the signal indicating a certain type of threat. For example, at approach of a lion the made sound will be one; if the group is threatened by more small predator – the sound will be another. It any more not a hint on the reasons, it is also the reason.

Such detailed information obviously helped a survival. The logician of nervous system, got used to process information from own supervision, easily accepts someone else’s information. So there was a language of words. At people this language turned out the most detailed and developed. Language of words was added to language of emotions.

But, from the point of view of an organism, it is necessary to communicate hints. So in language of words there were equivalents of emotional hints.

Circumstances of life developed better or worse. These events needed to be perceived. So there were words «good luck» and «failure». As a result such words which generalized own relation to an event got to logic of an organism. They as emotions, expressed the organism relation to an event, and it was necessary to conjecture that it would mean.

And time is the description of the relation to something, there was also a description of others attitude towards itself. So there were words «enemy» and «friend». When people faced the phenomena behind which nobody stood, there were words «evil» and «good».

As a result people had an infinite number of foggy words which value needed to be conjectured, proceeding from circumstances. But circumstances were not applied to words. And as to trust emotions — it is the law of the nature and if objections did not arrive, these words were trusted. When people heard such words, they felt the same as a source of emotion. We learned to be proud and admire, behold and to fight, work and have a rest. There was a justice and beauty.

Also in language there was a set of words which described logic of events. And emergence of mathematics became top of logic. In this logic there were no circumstances at all. It allowed to try on this logic for studying and understanding of circumstances.

So, in language of words there were emotions and logic of events. People continued to think out words to the most different phenomena. Over time there were sciences about language which triedto divide words into categories. But these sciences recognized that we talk only in language of words. And words emotions did not begin to allocate in separate category.

Now we live in technological society, emotions allowed and will always allow to derive pleasure from life. The intrigue is present almost at all examples of culture of people. But there are questions in which at first it is necessary to adjust interaction but only then to derive pleasure. Our technologies and questions on the organization of society do not allow other options.

But in our language still there is no division into words and words emotions. In such logical mess absolutely no wonder that people continue not to understand each other. Conjecturing messages of people around, people proceed from the circumstances and draw not identical conclusions. And then are surprised to this dissimilarity and even are angry because of visibility of own nonsense.

From emotions «evil» and «good» once appeared religions, and then wrote the theory of «conflict of opposites» which led to communism. On the basis of the ancient relation to failures created the theory which needs to be taken seriously. All this information still is considered scientific. The philosophy fell the biggest victim of words emotions. This science had to describe logically the most various examples of circumstances and in combination with mathematics to develop a civilization. But philosophers, considering admissible to use all terms, turned this science into usual fiction.

In public life use of words emotions carries out to emergence of laws with the name «extremism». But same all the same what to write: «Do not do badly», and this foggy wish to force people to conjecture that meant. Then other laws if there is this one why are necessary?

Mind is ability to predict events. But this forecast is possible on the basis of normal information. And if information belongs to circumstances, but these circumstances unequal for different people, information loses value. And if healthy people start using words emotions, that, depending on tasks, results of these healthy people look as at people with the injured brain. It turns out, absolutely healthy brain can become silly. And now for this clever nonsense there was a term.

Term»tebilis» (Tebil) it is formed of armor. debilis («weak») from de » from» + habilis «operated, obedient, convenient». Russ. moron borrow. through fr. «debile» and lat. terminus «boundary stone, boundary sign; border». Russ. term — in 1705; borrow. through polish. termin. Data of the dictionary of M. Fasmer are used.

— The type of intellectual weakness, backwardness connected with application of terms and concepts.

The person thus looks quite healthy, but in the logical constructions uses insignificant terms and concepts. It all the same that in mathematics as arguments to use an ink color by which the equations are written. Such application of terminology out of an entertaining context means. And as entertainments too are information source, and here it is necessary to be at loss for words accurately.

The admissibility of application of terminology — is area of standards of morals of society. If all people in society consider terms normal, this subject of the arrangement is used by each member of society. Thus people in society relatively each other can look quite healthy, but at such damages together (as society) concerning other societies weakness and underdevelopment show.

In this theory of emotions, for people the intrigue — is beauty of information. But if we force people to conjecture word meanings in serious questions, it is necessary to take care of that the domyslivaniye was unambiguous at least.