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Before reading the text, we want to read at first conclusions, and then to decide to read it further or not to read. A fright, rage, pleasure — it too a human body conclusion from information received earlier. And if emotions seem to us unusual, we will reflect on the reasons of their emergence. But usually we do not think, and we trust.

In the nature there are types which do not care of the posterity. If such parents do not distinguish children from food, on it life and will end. As a result those types which had a communication with posterity survived. Parents learned to distinguish the children on sounds, smells and behavior. It seems that such deal is necessary only to predatory types. But, first, very many types during evolution changed the diet. And secondly, communication in herd of the herbivorous — a thing too not superfluous. If the antelope sees a predator, her emotional conclusion about this event will be available to all herd.

Emotions are the most classic language. It all the same that to connect organisms on a wireless communication. It is possible not to be able to talk, it is possible even to be an animal, but by means of emotions it is possible to know conditions of people around. We not only feel a condition of other being, but also we use results of his supervision. It seems to us an everyday occurrence. But it is similar to the Internet, the nature found a way to connect organisms in one network.

We can read emotions at animals. Possibly, they are capable on it too. Than farther from us the species of an animal, that is more difficult to sort to us his emotions. Cases when the child was brought up by animals are known. And language of emotions, allowed it to survive in such company. Unfortunately, anything human from communication with animals in this person was not. And the beautiful fairy tale about Maugli forever remains only the fairy tale. Are also known cases when people were born without memory of language of emotions. They did not remember it, they had to be trained to understand emotions of people around (Autism).

The nervous system of an organism processes information available to it, comes to any conclusion and creates the corresponding state which people around can understand. If to us it is sick, people around will understand it. If it is terrible, too all will understand it. In the conditions of the nature it is not necessary to doubt emotions. Therefore people trust emotions more than to words.

If people listen to the person, they at first pay attention to confidence with which he tells also the general appeal of rhetoric. If the confidence is, there is a trust. But after that absolutely not necessarily people will understand nuances of the submitted information. For very many the conclusion will look so: if the person is sure, means — he is right. Quite so it turns out that people like Hitler become leaders sometimes.

In our culture it is accepted to oppose emotions and logic. It is considered that if the person arrived emotionally, logicians in it are not present. On the contrary, emotions appear then when our organism considers that their emergence is logical and rational.

For a survival it is enough to child to begin to cry to hint parents about the state. The message indistinct, but it is more than anything. Because of inaccuracy of this message it seems that it is illogical. But logicality and inaccuracy — it not same. Not only children, but also many animals are simply not capable to issue the full report on the reasons of the state.

As a result for nervous system of the observer of emotion it as rebuses which need to be solved. And as communication by such rebuses for us business habitual, we transfer these rebuses and to other ways of communication. For example: words «evil» and «good» — is emotion in words. In the nature there are no values for these words, as well as for many others. It also concerns any swastika signs, a sickle and a hammer, flags and other indistinct messages. And, despite inferiority of such emotional messages, to us all the same more habitual to communicate congenital language of hints. If threatens nothing to us, messages without intrigue seem to us boring.

Usually there are objections calling emotions language. For example: pride is emotion, but at animal such emotions is not present. Yes, really at animal such emotions it is not noticed yet, but they were not and at people since the birth. In this language main not quantity of states, but a format of messages. This format provides to show, hint at existence of any circumstances which caused emotion. And people think out new types of states in this format.