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Memories about reason

The behavior of people looks very difficult. For it there is a huge number of terms and descriptions. But the nature is avaricious on laws. And all variety of the events usually turns out a combination of only several algorithms.

When we learn to go or ride a bicycle, we at first think that it is necessary to make, and then we do all this automatically. Then it is difficult for us to remember how we go. And subsequently we do not remember how switched off the iron or as locked a door. Information that we do constantly, vanishes from consciousness. In an adult state we do not remember how started thinking. As a result it seems to us that we are born such what are. And if we were traumatized, we can forget how to go. And if we forget as to think, will already remember to us not why.

All organisms have to control themselves, collect and process information on environment. The appeared threat demands immediate reaction. Newborn children know nothing about world around. But that occurs in own organism, children know. For example, when with it, it is cold or sick, they start crying. And as people since the birth are capable to understand each other on emotions, parents try to guess that mean their descendants.

In diapers the child starts paying attention that occurs around. From this point parents start measuring and estimating his behavior. In one cases they praise it, in others — punish. The nervous system of the child perceives a situation such, what it is. It got to such conditions where there is a system of measurement of acts and situations. And some results of these measurements have to be followed by emotions.

The child as any organism, tries to survive. It is in conditions when the only threat for it is the negative assessment of adults. The child tries to understand how to avoid this biggest threat. And at best — to get approval.

The nervous system has language. And she should get used to concepts which are expressed in words. A trial and error method the child manages to understand for what action or a situation it is possible to receive this or that emotion of adults. For this purpose he tries to generalize situations to which the child already got. And on the basis of these situations tries to predict possible emotions of adults. When the forecast of estimates of the child coincides with estimates of adults, he is convinced that works correctly.

Gradually in memory a large number of situations is gathered. It is possible to find analogies in them and to construct them in system from good to the bad. Thus children observe emotional conditions of people around in various situations. Such demonstration ties these situations to the corresponding emotional states. The child plays, and the imagination of the child tries to reproduce the necessary emotions in the necessary situations. Now the nervous system of the child caresses and punishes itself. T.E now the child estimates himself and surrounding situations. But the imagined emotions, it not the same that external, and the need for external positive emotional estimates remains.

So that occurred:

The main threat of negative estimates of the organisms surrounding in group turned into the basic rule of safety. And approval became the main priority. Simply from the moment of the birth other threats and priorities for children were almost unreal. Having got acquainted with threats and priorities of society, the nervous system appeared in its system of values, as in an aquarium. And now a little that will interest the person out of walls of the cultural aquarium. All measurements of situations will happen concerning system of the received values. And we call this system of emotional estimates and measurements placed in nervous system of the person reason.

People think that they arrive and estimate everything independently. Really, people think and only the principles of estimates of these or those acts at them always the external work. When people assess situations, people — it is scales, and as weights on them information surrounding people acts. And as it is a lot of information, people check it only when there are objections. In other cases of information simply trust. The most large number of estimates gets to people in the childhood. It as basis. But also during all life of people will be interested in that is highly appreciated in society. And if this aspiration coincides with a children’s emotional basis, the person will strive for the new principles of estimates.

If in system of values of the adult the education is normal, in that case ignorance can be estimated as humiliation. Conservatism of elderly people is explained by it. It turns out that some values can change only in new generations.

In a civilization possibility of a physical survival almost coincides with system of values. That is in order that it is simple to be full, it is necessary to make something that can be estimated by someone. Because of it it seems that people act not for the sake of estimates, and for the sake of a survival. But earlier parents intelligibly explained to all people that the main danger — is a negative assessment.

Once having acquired rules of society, people never stick to measure the behavior and situations. If something changes, change is calculated, and the nervous system brings an organism into a suitable emotional state. So, if you go in a flow of people, you the person in dirty clothes can concern. If you noticed it, will come to look at thought at a contact place — and suddenly you soiled?

If you were offended, especially in a public place, your nervous system will calculate at once that there was something negative. And usually you react as it is accepted to react. If for you it is considered norm to answer in such situation, you will answer. If in your norm to ignore, you will not react to an insult. In the latter case at you there is other system of measurement allowing to estimate itself for ignoring.

To avoid negative estimates — it is the program at least. On the basis of this minimum people go dressed, but not naked, go to a toilet, but not to a floor, respect the minimum standards of behavior.

As at most, people will try to make such acts which else nobody made that these acts could be estimated by system of values which people learned earlier. They will aspire to the most rare and abrupt kinds of activity. And in these types people will try to achieve success with the maximum estimates. Will choose all these purposes of people proceeding from earlier collected values. But for these acts of people will expect confirmation in the form of positive estimates from an environment. It is called «interestingly».

It is absolutely optional to do discoveries. For interest can be sufficient to buy any rag and to wait for estimates of people around. Or to buy the entertaining gadget and to show purchase to friends. If such attempts do not give estimates from an environment, the person has a conclusion: «Bothered». Or there will be thoughts that it is not in that environment which is capable to estimate its acts.

If the person still has hope that his activity can be estimated though sometime, it will be enough to continue efforts. And only when there is a full clarity of that its efforts will not be estimated by anybody and never, it will stop them. It all the same what to create and at once to destroy.

At organisms of people as at all live, a physiological need is had. And people combine these requirements with system of values. People always try to kill more, than one hare. If is food, also in a combination to the, well-mannered taste. If to have sex that, in such conditions and with such partners whom the person can estimate as much as possible. Love — this successful combination of values in object of adoration, both concerning floors, and concerning all the rest.

If the person arrives at idea that he cannot receive estimates on the basis of the abilities, he can kill himself. Own assessment of as the person to nobody necessary, leads people to suicide. On the other hand, the person can kill himself because it is highly appreciated. On the basis of such values feats are made and ideological terrorists act. As you can see, aspiration to life at the person not on the first place. And if in system of values of the person there is a refusal of sex, he will refuse it. So, it turns out, as sex at people too not on the first place. Instincts are suppressed with information. Information changes, also the first places change.

All pay attention to that, on what many people paid attention. In this sense it seems that demonstration of the person on the TV is a sign of a social status. The organism of observers tries to understand, what abilities are highly appreciated by society.

But founders of show too react to values of the environment. And so in this environment of value very «humanitarian», and shows turn out same. The humanitarian behavior assumes logic only in an aquarium of values.

And meanwhile if in society there would be one humanists, still people sat on trees and ate bananas. Presence at mass media only of humanists, deprives of opportunity to respect itself people of very many useful professions. The profession of the journalist assumes ability to understand many problems and to estimate various achievements. But this ability is limited to values of arts education.

Rest not inaction, and what it is pleasant to do. Work can be easy, and rest heavy and vice versa. But efforts of humanists turn out that only their kind of activity and rest and work at the same time. That is source of pleasure and income.

Actually each person — is part of information matrix of our civilization. Information in an organism of our civilization as DNA, is repeatedly duplicated in the heads of people. And now it is stored and on different carriers. High reliability of our civilization as information organism from people and cars is in such a way reached. And as in a civilization there is a lot of inconsistent information, some autonomy of people can reach, attentively accepting in itself these or those new principles of estimates of activity. Our view of system of estimates of a civilization as if from outside can become new measurement of our identity.

In our culture it is accepted to oppose emotions and logic. It is considered that if the person arrived emotionally, logicians in it are not present. On the contrary, emotions appear then when our organism considers that their emergence is logical. Emotions — it not measurement of some actions, it only demonstration of that measurement happened second before. If you consider that arrive intuitively, that is without the seen reason, it turns out not because you have a communication with space. It turns out because your head prepared result without your conscious participation. Remember how you go on the bicycle or go. In the same way you think. But as the science continues to develop, you should not exclude what not all communication systems between organisms are already open.

Still …

Still it is possible to think that such re-education. It when people are punished for that they wanted to make or made. Before punishment it is worth thinking that ancestors demanded from this person. And when people are arrested if not to give them information on what they need to start wanting, they also will not start wanting anything else.

Think and of that, why in general to re-educate someone in the future? Whether it is simpler not to allow hits in people of any awful norms earlier? And as information does not vanish in a civilization, it is necessary to provide to people counterarguments only in time. It is possible, even it is necessary, to publish «Main kampf» Hitler, only with comments and estimates of consequences. Then the theory and objections rolled into one will get to the person.

That the multiintellectual the system of society could think, communication, loading of information and unloading of this information in the form of the consolidated opinion, with bringing this opinion to all members of society is necessary. On the planet possibilities of communications accrue. Numerous services in a look twitter, Facebook and VKontakte suggest to start communicating. Only that do not create these services, this enough subjects for such number of communication. And also these services do not render reliable services in consolidation of opinions of users in these or those questions of public life. I.e. do not generate real public opinion, leaving this important activity any discretion of governors through the mass media operated by them Recently there were many network multiplayer computer games. In these games, through a network can play a huge number of players. As for the person the most important is an emotional assessment of people around that, arriving in such virtual reality, the person can lose need for real life. The leaving tendency in virtual reality will accrue in process of improvement of quality of this virtual reality. Sometime the virtual reality will become so real that will surpass reality. Then there will come time when numerous artificial intelligence on the basis of the algorithms of behavior described on this site is created. It will lead to that for games are not necessary to the person any more there will be other people. Just as the vast majority of contemporaries do not trust the environment, and imitations of opinion of society in the form of mass media trust. Besides, the player himself will be able to set algorithms of behavior for the artificial intelligence surrounding it. Will regulate in what degree these intelligence will agree or object the player. Each person will be able to create near himself that society which he will count normal. And sometimes leaving virtual reality, the player will consider model of the relations created by him in virtual society, normal and for real society. What exactly these people will want from the real colleagues while even difficultly to assume.